Hey all! It’s your secretary, Brooke, here.

It seems I have gotten a bit behind on meeting minutes this semester, so let’s get everything caught up…

Tutoring: is now available. The tutoring schedule will be up in another blog posting for easy access. Our awesome classmates help us out all the time and now they will be able to get a notation on their transcript and add it to their resume. If you would like to become a tutor, please see Mr. Jefferson or Ms. Eldridge.

Social Media: We now have our pages set up! Please follow us to stay updated on the latest and greatest news and discussions.



Competition: We have split into a few groups to participate in this exciting design competition. The deadline is April 20, so if you’d like to participate, gather your group and hit the ground running! With all this snow, it’s a great way to spend your time and build your skills.
2015 UIA-PHG Student Competition | Design of a mobile isolation, diagnosis and/or treatment unit for use in ebola or other communicable desease epidemics

Speaking of SKILLS: SKILLS USA hosts a competition that includes a wide variety of trade related skills. They have an architectural drafting section that we should be represented in! If you feel like you have strong drafting skills, please participate!          Contest Descriptions | SkillsUSA

Habitat for Humanity: A big thank you to Matt Rogers and Michael Fondavilla for representing us in February’s H4H date. OVAL is hosting another opportunity on March 14. Below is a QR code that will take you straight to the OVAL page to get signed up, you may also use the following link: OVAL


Also, I found out about a symposium presented by AIA|L.A. called POWERFUL: WOMEN LEADING DESIGN . It will be live streaming today from California.
The 2015 POWERFUL: Women Leading Design symposium will feature an inspirational and energetic series of presentations that showcase women who are leading the design profession in architecture, art, social impact and innovation.

Well, I had a great time catching up, let’s grab lunch sometime.
Stay safe and warm!


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