There are a variety of activities in which Chess Club members can participate depending upon individual interest and skill level. Some students want to learn how to play chess. Others want to improve their game. Some will attend weekly meetings just to play chess. And some students will gravitate toward chess competitions. Any student can become a Chess Club officer and/or represent the Chess Club in the Student Government Association. Also, anyone can participate in community service helping teach chess to children. If you have one or more chess-related interests or special talents, be sure to let your Chess Club advisors and student leaders know!

  • Learn how to play chess
  • Teach chess
  • Play chess
  • Serve as Chess Club officer: President or Secretary-Treasurer
  • Participate in student government by representing the Chess Club in the Student Government Association (4th Wednesday of each month)
  • Participate in chess-related community service
  • Prepare for competition by learning chess notation, how to use a chess clock, and playing “touch move”
  • Learn about on-line chess resources for playing, tutoring, and game analysis
  • Play in campus tournaments
  • Play for Wake Tech against other community colleges and chess clubs (learn chess notation, use of chess clock, and “touch move”)
  • Make the Wake Tech Chess Team and play against other colleges and universities