The Chess Club offers activities at different levels of competition suitable for different skill levels. Members can challenge each other to friendly impromptu matches each week followed by critique. The Chess Club hosts Mini-Tournaments on different campuses where participants play a few rounds of chess to determine a winner. Members who want to represent Wake Tech against outside competition, whether community college or local chess club, will have a chance to do so by learning some chess basics: chess notation, “touch move,” and use of a chess clock. At the highest level of competition, Chess Club members can compete for a place on the four-person Wake Tech Chess Team or as an alternate. The Wake Tech Chess Team members are eligible to play against all intercollegiate opponents, whether two- or four-year institutions as well as against chess club opponents. In order to travel to outside competitions, club and team members will need to sign waivers and medical notification forms well in advance of travel date. See your advisors if you want to travel with the club or team!

Wake Tech Chess Team, 2016-17

Chess Tournament Schedule 2020 
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