The Chess Club not only provides members of the Wake Tech community who want to play chess a weekly venue to do so, it provides a variety of opportunities based on member’s skill and interest levels. The Chess Club provides a forum for the free exchange of information about chess among its members. Chess Club members will have an opportunity to develop their skills so that they can compete in chess beyond Wake Tech.

Beginners will have the opportunity to receive instruction on the basics of the game. More advanced players will be exposed to critical analysis, chess tactics, and chess strategies. Players will have an opportunity to learn how to employ artificial-intelligence (AI) engines to analyze their games.

Depending upon interests, the Chess Club may host chess intramural competitions on campus and also beyond Wake Tech against local chess clubs. The Chess Club may sponsor a Wake Tech Chess Team which will compete against other colleges and universities.

Last, but not least, the Wake Tech Chess Club shall engage in a suitable community service project as determined by its members.