As of Monday…

Ladies and Gentlemen, as of Monday, the Criminal Justice Club has officially partnered with the Wake Med Reach out and Read Program. This is in an attempt to promote litteracy among children as we strive to stay true to Wake Tech’s mission to promote lifelong learning. Our flyer for this initiative may be found at the link below, you may also find the official site for more information here.


This fall’s initiatives.

We hope everyone is enjoying their break this week, and would like to take the time to remind you about next week’s meeting Tuesday 11am). Also please note that our club has started a new initiative and is partnering with Wake Med for a book drive through “Reach Out and Read, the attached flyer is available for those who wish to know more.

Our New CJC Board

A recent change to note is that there are new members among the board, as well as a few changing positions or stepping down. We would like to congratulate those who have recently joined the board, as well as thank those who have moved on for their hard work and time. We, the board look forward to leading the Criminal Justice Club towards its highest potential

Vice President: Dawn James

Treasurer: Krystiana Beal

Fundraising: LaPonda Jenkins:

Coordinator: Michael Humphrey

Web Blogger: Michael Humphrey.