Economics Club Constitution

Article I. Name

The name of the organization shall be the Economics Club

Article II. Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to:

  1. Inform members of the significance of economics and its role in the modern world.
  2. Provide opportunities for the students to interact in learning situations outside of the classroom.
  3. Provide opportunities for students to participate in adult learning oriented activities.
  4. Encourage a deeper understanding of the inner-workings of commerce and trade beyond the textbook and into real world practice.
  5. Promote intercultural relations, tolerance, and trade.
  6. Improve student’s desire for entrance into economics-related occupations and establish intrinsic rewards for a students desire to develop self motivated learning.

Article III. Membership

All students of Wake Technical Community College, in good academic standing, who express an interest in joining and attending the meetings of The Economics Club shall be members upon receipt of an enrollment form and payment of dues.

Article IV. Executive Committee [EC]

The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the following offices:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Secretary 2
  5. Treasurer
  6. Membership Chair
  7. One advisor from the Business Administration department of Wake Technical Community College
  8. One SGA representative

Article V. Term of Office

Elections for the offices of The Economics Club shall be held every fall semester. In the event of an open office during any academic year, an election will be held at that time for the office only.

Article VI. Removal of Officers

  1. An officer may resign by submitting a written notification to The Economics Club, and the resignation will be reviewed during the next meeting, prior to the elective date of registration.
  2. The majority of club members with the advisor’s signature may vote an officer out.

Article VII. Amendment

Amendments to the Constitution shall be made by the Executive Committee and should be ratified by a majority of club members at a meeting.

Article VIII. Finances

The Student Organization Advisors shall direct and control the property of The Economics Club under the direction of the Dean of Students, thus guiding the members in the appropriation of funds.

Article IX. Committees

The organization may form any and all committees necessary for the efficient operation of the club.

Article X. Duties of Officers

  1. The President shall:
    1. Call and preside over Economics Club meetings.
    2. Call for elections whenever necessary.
    3. Abide by the Constitution and the Economics Club in accordance with the Constitution. However, the President, under direction of the Advisor, holds the right to make any Exceptional decision at the time for the betterment of the club.
  2. The Vice President shall:
    1. Assist the President to perform the club duties more efficiently.
    2. Act as a proxy for the President whenever required, at the request of the President.
  3. The Secretary shall:
    1. Record and maintain minutes of the Economics Club meetings and circulate copies of the minutes in print or through e-mail to the council members.
    2. Maintain a roll of council members and call the roll whenever a roll call vote is taken.
    3. Prepare and carry out Economics Club correspondence.
    4. Assist the President to perform the club duties more efficiently.
  4. The Secretary 2 shall:
    1. Assist and coordinate secretarial duties with the Secretary.
  5. The Treasurer shall:
    1. Keep financial records of the Economics Club
    2. Submit the annual budget, approved by the Executive Committee, to the Economics Club.
    3. Assist the President to perform the club duties more efficiently.
  6. The Membership Chair shall:
    1. Maintain a current e-mail list of all members.
    2. Encourage membership in the Economics Club by attending events and discussing the club with others throughout campus.
  7. The Advisor shall:
    1. Assist and advise the members on different ways to make the club more efficient.
    2. Be present at all Club meetings and events.
    3. Direct the learning experience.
  8. The SGA representative shall:
    1. Report SGA activities to the club.
    2. Be the liaison between the SGA and the Economics Club.

Article XI. Quorum

A quorum shall consist of one-fifth of the members of the organization at any given meeting.

Article XII. Voting

Only persons in good standing* with the Economics Club may vote. A member may have only one vote. An “absentee vote” may be submitted to any member of the Economics Club, in person, anytime before the meeting begins.

Article XIII. Meeting

Regular meetings shall be held at least once a month, during the school year, except December. Meetings shall be open to all the students of Wake Technical Community College and to guests, but non-members shall enter the discussion only with the permission of the presiding officer. The date of the next meeting shall be announced at each meeting.

Article XIV. Organizational Dues

Membership fees will be in the amount of $10.00 (ten dollars) U.S., for the entire club year. Members will be considered delinquent by the organization if dues are not received within 15 (fifteen) days of the signup.

The money collected shall be used for the Economics Club expenses.

*Meaning that all dues are paid and the member is not on academic or conduct warning.

Changes to the Economics Club Constitution Effective Fall 2004 are as follows:

Under Article X:

The President shall call for elections each Spring and those elected will take office Fall of the following year.

Duties of Officers – We have two new positions:

Secretary 2: same duties as Secretary and must coordinate with Secretary

Membership Chair:

Duties: Must maintain current email list of all members and encourage membership in the Economic Club by attending events and discussing the club with others throughout the campus.

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