Walk of Shame

At the last GDA meeting, we had superlatives given by Amanda Hoffay and Jena Chow to the graduating students.

Each student received a pair of personalized sunglasses. Each of them had a series of comments specific to each person. Each comment was lovingly created based on literally years of knowing one another. Frankly, at the community college level its great that everyone enjoys themselves, but they also come together in ways that bolster their time here and the rest of their lives. The connections we make running through the wringer that is advanced education pull us along, bring us to our peak talents and charge us up. In seeing each student smile and begin talking about their superlative really brought us all a lot of joy.

and, they make any schmo off the street look cool. Case in point:
Tyler Dockery in glasses: Something that makes any schmo look good

One other thing we did here was take some time to go on a walk of shame. Tyler Dockery pulled out some old high school yearbooks from the early 1990’s and we discussed fashion, trends, etc.

Here’s a choice photo of tyler dockery with a single pierced earring, multiple snakes chained together. Awesome.