Graphic Designers Association (2004 – Present)

The purpose of Wake Tech’s Graphic Designers Association club is to provide an opportunity for students to make connections with the professional world of Advertising and Graphic Design. The GDA offers association with the American Advertising Federation and gives its members real-life experiences, such as design jobs for other Wake Tech clubs and non-profit organizations. Skill, information, connections, creativity, and exposure are the mission of the Future Designers Association club.

Professional organizations and clubs give students a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with professionals within a given field, and to become more involved in their study.

The club was founded in 2004 under the original name “FDA” or the “Future Designers of America”. The impetus to starting this club was driven by the requests of many GRD students. A member of the Graphic Design faculty must play the role of Advisor to help facilitate student requests as a Wake Tech sanctioned club. Part of the requirements of having an active club is to have a member or members attend Student Government Association meetings once a month.

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The Constitution (Revised February, 2008)