Get in the Cultural Loop!

Congratulation’s to everyone who ran for an officer position for this years club elections!


Newly elected Club President Preeti Johal (right) along side Yoel Griffin, and Event Planner Bria King (left)

This years 2016 – 2017 Officers are:

President: Preeti Johal

Vice President: Josh Jagodinski

Head of Communications: Yoel Griffin

Communications Specialist: Jocelyn Casanova

Secretary: Nelson Berrocales

Event Planner: Bria King

Treasurer: Paul Johnson


Facts and Snacks was HUGE success!

There were a total of 43 students who signed up to join IFC and most of them took a photo in our homemade International picture frames’. We also had LIVE MUSIC at our table! Talk about cultural. For those who missed out, here are a few pictures that summed up our afternoon!



During our meeting on Thursday, September 29th, the club witnessed an exceptional presentation on the country of PUERTO RICO by our Club Secretary, Nelson BerrocalesShowing pride in his home country, Nelson captured the history, economics, and figureheads through an informational piece that drew members in with every detail. Jaws dropped, people laughed, and hearts were touched. Way to go Nelson!



Students also had the opportunity to team up and learn about different countries! With our International Festival vast approaching, we are creating more posters of countries for students, faculty, and families to view and learn more about during the event. Each student briefly looked at a poster and presented the information they learned to fellow members! Afterwards, the groups were assigned to pick a country and create an illustrative poster for our upcoming festival. Our INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL will be held on Friday, November 18th in the Building E Atrium and auditorium, from 2pm – 6pm. You don’t want to miss it!



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