NTHS Member Graduation

At Wake Tech’s fall and spring commencement exercises, NTHS members who are graduating may proudly display their excellence by wearing our purple and silver cords and dated tassel as part of their official graduation regalia.

One of the benefits of chapter membership is that graduating members have the option of participating in a group order of graduation regalia (and other swag and merch) to save on shipping costs.

The cost of graduation regalia is subsidized by the chapter, meaning that in addition to not having to pay for shipping, the cost of the cords and tassel are reduced. The amount reduced depends upon the number of graduating members, and the funds available in the chapter treasury.

Other items, such as souvenir keychains and t-shirts, are available at full price, but the chapter still pays for the shipping if it is purchased as part of this group order.

Group orders are accepted 5-7 weeks prior to graduation.

Go to the following website to place your order: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdsOQUjFy2i3F_xdT2ZyKlxgxvVbFRn1vDur3iJUYuWTPhGyg/viewform

Payment is due at in-person pickup from a chapter advisor, no exceptions. We can accept cash or check/money order payable to Wake Tech. No electronic payments can be accepted at this time.

Graduation Date Order Date Online Order Form Open
December 14, 2019 Fri Nov 8 Fri Oct 25 to Thu Nov 7
May 9, 2020 Fri Apr 3 Fri Mar 20 to Thu Apr 2