SALUTE Honor Society

The SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society is the first national academic honor society established for student veterans, and active military, in 2-year and 4-year institutions of higher education.  Another unique element of our honor society includes a 4-tier system, which is designed to encourage undergraduate student veterans to strive to improve their GPAs and advance to higher tier levels (and scholarship brackets) in the honor society during their academic careers.

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Wake Tech SALUTE Inductees, May 2021

SALUTE was formed in 2009 by the Colorado State University Veterans Office thanks to a grant by the American Council of Education and Wal-Mart Foundation.

Each chapter symbolizes not only the collective achievement of veterans bettering themselves through the pursuit of knowledge, but also our commitment as a group to honor those among us that are the tip of the spear across the nation.

Currently, there are 326 SALUTE active chapters and more than 17,000 student veterans inducted.

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Benefits of membership include:

  • One-time payment for lifetime membership
  • A certificate and military-style challenge coin commemorating membership in SALUTE and specific level of academic achievement
  • Compete for Scholarships
  • Enhance your resume with formal academic acknowledgement and engage in local leadership positions
  • Opportunities to network, as well as, receive and give assistance to fellow student veteran members
  • Wear SALUTE Honor’s regalia to demonstrate academic achievements as a veteran status at graduation
  • Participate in local, and National, SALUTE programs

Membership requirements:

Military Active Duty, or Honorably Discharged Veterans, who attend college at a 2-year or 4-year institution, with a 3.0+ GPA may qualify to apply for SALUTE. 

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Email the SALUTE Chapter Director, Patrick Tribble, if you have any questions or want to start the application process.

Induction Ceremonies

Wake Tech President, Dr. Scott Ralls, presented the SALUTE certificates and challenge coins to the new inductees on October 18, 2021.  Five student veterans joined the SALUTE honor society fall 2021.  Thank you for joining us Dr. Ralls and for supporting our student veterans!  Also, a huge thank you for Dean Marilyn Terrill and Dawn Williams for arranging this magnificent event.

Three Salute Inductees, October 2021

Wake Tech SALUTE Inductees, October 2021

Chapter Director:


Patrick Tribble, U. S. Navy Veteran

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