March 24: So we as a group visited Knox Elementary, the last school on our trip that went to tutor the kids. Going to Payne Elem. and SOD (School of Discovery) the other days was interesting because it was strange to see how run down and lack of resources the schools had to prepare its students. It reminded me of the schools people went to half a century ago that wasn’t well kept. It made me sad that these wonderful kids have to go to a school like this but fortunately today’s school was a sign of hope. The school looked well kept and had motivational artwork on the wall.
I got to tutor kids in a kindergarten class. It was so exciting seeing them participating. They were so innocent and eager to learn. I actually had a few minutes to talk to their teacher and other faculty. I learned how they recognize Selma needs help and how change for the better comes slow but is nonetheless important. I was really happy I was able to talk to them and get insider info about Selma. I hope to back.