Alternative Spring Break 2017 – NYC

The two best moments I have experienced in this year’s Alternative Spring Break happened on the last two days: Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, snow just totally stopped. So, it means we were going to do an outdoor activity. We went into a Food Pantry in the Bronks. There were about 25 people in the Pantry, sorting foods that are to be distributed ┬áto beneficiaries. Everything went well. Everybody was effective. We almost doubled the production that groups usually work.

The second best part happened on Friday when the Team Cow kind of adopted me into their own. We left early to go to our destination: the Food Pantry near Central Park. Since it is just beside central park, our group decided to enter the Central Park first, before going to the Food Pantry. We were lucky enough to meet some dogs being walked on the snow in the Park. We played with them a bit, altough our 2 groupmates kept running away from the dogs. We, then, went to the Food Pantry and did our duty. We packed foods that are to be given to senior citizens later that day. We also cut some vegetables that were included in the meal that were given to senior citizends. After 3pm, we went to China town, ate some dumplings, and went to Little Italy. We got home before 7pm, and ate Pizza for dinner. What a day.