First Volunteering Experience

where to start?. this week has been filled with excitement. we volunteered at various locations throughout the NYC area. the first day i spent it at the boys and girls club helping children with their homework. we helped them overcome their troubles and put smiles on their faces. a very fulfilling moment was when i helped a child with her homework. she was very shy but eager to learn. she reminded me of how i was when i first entered the states 12 years ago. helping at the food bank was the next site we volunteered. we helped package over 3,700 meals in the span of 3 hours. the fact that i was able to put a figure on the extent of our reach was amazing. it made me feel like i want to do more. never had i expected to be so emotionally touched by this experience, but then again i never wanted anything less.
I came to this trip hoping to find something new about myself and come home with a new perspective. what i actually found was much deeper. i found friendships in some of the greatest people i have ever met. I’ve discovered that through this common vision that we shared through the scope of this trip, we have helped so many people. from people’s infectious charisma, to others ever-growing support. we have grown to become a family. i have been deeply touched by the love and support that was shared between everyone here.
i would like to talk about a brother and a great friend. john has been the person that understood me the most here. i went through a lot of emotional situations this week and he has been the person that i could talk to about anything i struggled with. its difficult for men to show emotions, but i felt like i didn’t have to be the stereotype of what men should act like and become more like human being. this trip has been a humbling experience. i will do more volunteering in the future and i will also encourage anyone to participate even if you aren’t sure. i wasn’t sure about signing up at first and I’m glad i did because it has been one of the greatest decisions of my life.
i would also like to throw a special thank you to Mariel, Melody, Manny, and Mohammad for being the greatest team leaders ever. they have went above and beyond to make sure that everyone enjoys this unique opportunity. they have made this trip possible for everyone and for that i thank you!.