Food Bank for New York City: A day In the Bronx

Today we got a chance to go out and volunteer at the Food pantry in the Bronx, New York. Today was the first day we got to volunteer with students from other schools, and it was really fun getting to know everyone. My team (cat) had volunteers from Mansfield University and Ohio State University, and we all automatically clicked. We also got a chance to work with the mad dogs and get to know them as well.

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We got a chance to volunteer at the food pantry where we were in charge of stocking shelves and making the place look nice so that people coming in to get food could feel as though they were shopping. This helped relieve some of the embarrassment that comes with needing help and getting food for free.

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My favorite part of this was seeing how happy the regular workers were when they realized how much got done thanks to all the volunteers. We also got a chance to bag fresh produce that the customers would get to pick up without it counting towards their points. This experience made me realize how much I have and how much I take it for granted sometimes. I am very grateful for this opportunity, although it was behind the scenes and we didn’t interact with anyone we were helping. I knew deep down how much the workers and the customers appreciate it.

After service, we got a chance to go explore the city nd visit central park!

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