Teamwork from a hot tamale.

Having been snowed in, the Breakers had time today to recuperate from the previous days and catch up on REM sleep. It was the perfect day to focus on teamwork and productive collaboration with all volunteers staying at the home base. We met to discuss different leading roles and how our personalities play into the way we contribute to a group project. The moment that stood out to me the most today was actually not in the meeting. I was walking past a Breaker from a different university and I walked past him with my head down as I usually do. He greets me and I am caught off guard. I felt like a team. I felt welcome and acknowledged. It made me rethink the way I communicate with the people around me that I don’t know. It pushed me to greet others the rest of the day, and it gave me a real feeling of togetherness in this common yearing to help others. I only became closer to everyone in the building and closer to making a difference in a city plagued with environmental injustice.