ASB 2k17

Today was a pretty chill day. We arrived today in newark liberty airport. The flight was pretty rough because my ears kept popping violently but it’s all part of the experience. We dropped our stuff at the Boys and Girls Club in Newark New Jersey. We then went to explore NYC and navigate the treacherous Metro system.

NYC is a beautiful city with many different sights and smells, especially smells. You haven’t seen a dirty bathroom untill you’ve seen a subway station bathroom. And why does it always smell like warm piss and weed. I guess that’s just their way of living. Everybody was kind of mean. Not necessarily towards us but just in general. People were honking as much as they breath. It sounded like a Symphony of cars.

I tried to get some directions in the metro from a random person and he just kept walking like it’s nobody’s business. We took an Uber from Penn Station to the Boys and Girls Club and our Uber driver wasn’t as stereotypical as I thought. I thought he was going to be yelling in his Bluetooth like they do in the movies. He wasn’t much of a talker but he played some dope Cuban music. Or was it Puerto Rican. I’m not entirely sure.

When we got to mid town though we filled up on some pizza. This was before the confusing Uber ride. That pizza wasn’t nearly as greasy as I expected it to be. It was still pretty good. Times Square was just as I saw on TV. The only thing that surprised me was that there were alot of police in full riot gear and they were all over. We stopped by the Hard Rock Cafe but it wasn’t my style in clothes so while all the girls were picking out what was cute, I was dancing to Taylor Swift’s blankspace. Some people appreciated my freedom of expression.

Even though we didn’t start our community service we did however get to see alot of the homeless population in New York. It was heartbreaking to see them actually out in the freezing weather. It’s really hard to observe that and not be able to do anything about it.

First Day of ASB SELMA 2K16

IMG_20160319_164323Dang yo, where do I start? This whole day has been a roller coaster of emotions, experiences, and just down right fun. I was a first time flier so that was pretty cool. The drive wasn’t too bad. the real shocker was when we crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It really was like stepping back in time. It’s almost as if this town froze in time and nothing changed (except for the cars lol). One of the things that really struck me was how much segregation there still is and how many people’s mindset was still not changed after all these years. The death threats were the most disturbing news to me because I thought people had left all that negativity back in the 60’s but unfortunately that was not the case. It was also amazing to tour Selma and get to learn about the many different historical property whether it belonged to a brigadier general of the confederate army or just a racist politician. It was really cool to see some of the historical landscapes that were portrayed in the movie actually in real life. The most impactful place was Brown Chapel A.M.E church where Dr. King used to preach for peace and equality because you really get a feel of how it would have been like at the time. My favorite part was the freedom cafe. It may be located in a church basement, but it is such a safe haven for any and everybody and you can truly feel it. Everyone is your friend there no matter what shape or color you are. And let’s not forget those turkey and cheese thingies were the bomb. I feel as if my eyes have already been opened up and this is just as a result of the first day. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds in store for us.