Archives – 2015

Visual Arts Creative Writing
Photography Fiction
1st Place: Max Cohen – “Dancing on the Beach”

2nd: Place: Zain Goheer – “Bus Stop”

3rd Place: Wren Dyer – “Breathless”

Honorable Mentions
Max Cohen–“Carnation”

Max Cohen–“Hong Kong Buildings”

Dana Culbertson–“Wednesday Night Racing on the Chesapeake Bay”

Brandon Edwards–“Neuse River Ambrotype”

Gerald Guerva–“Daily Commute”

Gerald Guerva–“Viva la Resistance”

Brandon Lopez–“Wrecked”

Samuel Odero–“Beauty of my Life”

Christopher Shannon–Untitled

Staff Works
Marie Defreitas–“Rose Bush”

Marie Defreitas–“Winter”

Darian Hines–“Actress Samantha Chimenge”

Darian Hines–“Crying Caverns”

Darian Hines–“Holy Silhouette”

Darian Hines–“In Memory of Kelly”

Darian Hines–“La Luna”

Carey Shook–“The Bride”

Carey Shook–“Heather & Alex”

1st Place:
Marlene Proteau – “16000 Miles”

2nd Place: Marlene Proteau – “Waiting for the Wave”

3rd Place: Jessica Craig – “Humming Bird”

Honorable Mentions
Lindsey Currin–“Alvarez”

Lindsey Currin–“The Notes She Plays”

Laura Munoz–“Side Mountain”

Carlie Powell–“Fav Drawing”

Carlie Powell–“First Major Pastel”

Marlene Proteau–“Duality”

Staff Works
Michael Cervone–“Paddle Your Own Canoe” (song)

Marie Defreitas–“Michael Jackson”

Marie Defreitas–“Cardinalidae”

1st Place: Threa Almontaser – Removed

2nd Place: Christina Dietz – Excerpt from Sins of their Fathers

3rd Place: Threa Almontaser – Removed

Honorable Mentions
Christina Dietz–Excerpt from The Daughter of Robin Hood

Saida Hussein–“The Year 2022”

Tara Strickland–“The Devil’s Tramping Ground”

Staff Works
Erin Beason–“Train Wreck”

Marie Defreitas–Excerpt from Zwischen

Carey Shook–Excerpt from Never Have I Ever

1st Place:
Tina Edge – “Sugar Magnolia”

2nd Place: Ambrosia Sharkey – “The Art in Argument”

3rd Place: Ren Cleveland – “A Girl Worth Fighting For: Defending the Disney Princesses”

1st Place:
Sally Bitar – “I Like Green”

2nd Place: Wren Dyer – “Inventory of Being”

3rd Place: Ren Cleveland – “Reminiscent of Roses”

Honorable Mentions
Athena Adams–“Heinrich and Elsa”

Threa Almontaser–Removed

Threa Almontaser– Removed

Lukas Ayers–“For You”

Jake Betancourt–“Days”

Jake Betancourt–“In My Little Home”

Jackie Chambliss–“Pegacorn”

Ren Cleveland–“Puking Up Sunday”

Lauren Hupp–“I Am Art”

Lauren Hupp–“Talk to Me”

“Echoes”–Molly Jarman

“Boogie”–David Kirstein

“For the Aware”–Brittany Perloff

“One Winter Evening”–Brittany Perloff

“Poker”–Lauren Pierce

“Honesty”–Derek Williams

“The Will of a Woman”–Derek Williams

Staff Works
Erin Beason–“Autumn House”

Michael Cervone–“The Ice Girl”

Michael Cervone–“May 15th”

Savannah Gerardi–“More Than Mass”

Carey Shook–“The Happily Ever After”