Archives – 2016

Visual Arts Creative Writing
Photography and Art

1st Place
Kayla Hudson:
“Top of the World”

2nd Place
Yoni Jeffries:
“I Am My Hair”

3rd Place
Samantha Velasco:
“A Tribute to Rural Life”

Meghan Chung: “Snowflakes”

Honorable Mentions
Brittany Astin: “Tracy Arm”

Zain Goheer: Untitled (“Railroad”)

Zain Goheer: Untitled (“SAS”)

Kayla Hudson: “Summertime”

Kayla Hudson: “Wekiva Springs, Florida”

Daniella Padilla Guerrero: “Buddy”

Samantha Velasco: “After the Storm”

Samantha Velasco: “Morning Dew”

Staff Works
Marissa Cole: “Amelia”

Marissa Cole: “Emma”

Marissa Cole: “Flowers”

Marissa Cole: “Ocracoke”

Marissa Cole: “Statues”

Carey Shook: “Bodie Island”

Carey Shook: “Currituck”

Carey Shook: “William Penn”

Abby Talmadge: “Ocean Weeds”

Faculty Submissions
Barbara Cole: “Along Fish Creek”

Barbara Cole: “Cozy Night Fire”

1st Place
Caroline Kelly:
“Between Brothers”

2nd Place
Caroline Kelly: “Bluebells”

3rd Place
Catherine Bedwell: “The Wildwood’s Wife”

Honorable Mentions
Christina Dietz: “Excerpt from Postcards from Space”

John Palmieri: “The Doppelganger”

Philip Odom: “The Saga Begins: A Conversation with Myself”

Staff Works
Bryanna Coulter and Carey Shook:
“An Untitled Excerpt from an Untitled Novel”

1st Place
Andrew Needham: “The Radical Recruitment Phenomenon”

2nd Place
Anonymous: “Merey dard komjo zaban milay (If My Pain Finds a Voice)”

Honorable Mentions
Sally Bitar: “A Guide on How Not to Kill Yourself”

Ben Bryant: “Global Implications of the Ivory Trade”

Staff Works
Dan Lampman: “A Story Worth Telling”

Carey Shook: “Mrs. Kelly”

Tiffiny Wolf: “The Impact of Angels Phantoms, and Illness on Virginia Wolf”

Tiffiny Wolf: “One State or Two?”

Tiffiny Wolf: “Women’s Place in Society During the Romantic Era”

1st Place
Cam Isaacs: “Call It What You Want”

2nd Place
Philip Odom: “Sonnet Eleventy-Two Point Five”

3rd Place
Saadia Seyd: “What Makes Me a Woman”

Honorable Mentions
Sally Bitar: “The Diary of Mental Illness: Bipolar Disorder”

Sally Bitar: “The Diary of Mental Illness: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”

Josh Fugate: “How to Permanently Lower Your IQ”

Cam Isaacs: “Imaginary and Arbitrary Lines”

Sharon Jacobs: “Tender”

Brionka Judd: “Bartender”

Brionka Judd: “Force of Nature”

Caroline Kelly: “A Machine Gunner with Trembling Hands”

Hannah Moyles: “Seasons”

Isaac Venditelli: “Something Important”

Staff Works
Carmen Morris: “For a Change”

Carmen Morris: “The Mask”

Carmen Morris: “Touched”

Abby Talmadge: “Tense Clockwork”

Abby Talmadge: “The Fault of Our Mothers”

Abby Talmadge: “Thoughts on the Chicago Skyline”

Faculty Submissions
Dr. Dean Furbish: Poetry Translation, “The Cow”

Dr. Dean Furbish: Poetry Translation, “Dandelions”

Dr. Dean Furbish: Poetry Translation, “God’s Fool”

Dr. Dean Furbish: Poetry Translation, “The Postwoman”

Dr. Dean Furbish: Poetry Translation, “Stalingrad”