Archives – 2017

Visual Arts Creative Writing
Photography Fiction

1st Place: Hadiqa Hassan – “Time Travel”

2nd: Place: Kyle Lambert – “On the Road”

3rd Place: Amanda El Jaouhari — “Guitar Case vs. Briefcase”


Staff Works
James Harr — “Untitled (aka Figure #9)”

1st Place: 
Cristal Ramirez — “Amanda Palmer”

2nd Place: Cristal Ramirez — “Beute”

3rd Place: Jennifer McCoy – “Peacock”


Staff Works
Elizabeth Welch — “Springtime”

1st Place: Amber Lee — “Correspondence” 

2nd Place: Clayton Walker — “Stupid Little F#@cks”

3rd Place: Gurmit K. Rai — “Blind Date”

Honorable Mentions
David Kirstein — “To Spark A Trend”

1st Place:
Sarah Panico – “The Rape Culture Epidemic in America”

2nd Place: Virginia Hendrick- “The Oppression of Pontellier”

3rd Place: Jamie Hagwood – “The Impact of poisons, Bugs, and Teeth on Criminal Investigations”

1st Place:
Claire Highsmith — “Along the Edges”

2nd Place: Gina Irish — “The Old Oak Tree”


Wake Review staff Submission
R. W. Lesmeister — “I came here to get 2%milk”


Staff Works
Dr. Dean Furbish — “The Cow”