Archives – 2018

Visual Arts Creative Writing
Photography Fiction

1st Place:Dreaming in the Mist” by Yekaterina Romanova

2nd: Place:Chhay Fong and the Dead Crab” by Sea Tong Veng

3rd Place: Gunnuhver” by Kyle Lambert

Cover Image Winner: Autumn on a Sidewalk” by Hadiqa Hassan

Honorable Mentions

Greenway” by Sana Bharde

Drops of Dots” by Dawn Renae Strickland

Cold Days” by Sardeep Khera

All Delighted People” by Elena Sanchez

Sister in the Snow” by Dylan Kennedy

Light Fixture” by Dylan Kennedy

Oak City” by Elena Sanchez

Staying is Going” by Elena Sanchez

Crabshack Cat” by Elena Sanchez

China” by Sana Bharde

White Kingdom” by Hadiqa Hassan

Unshackled” by Hadiqa Hassan

Frozen Warmth” by Hadiqa Hassan

Beginning of the End” by Hadiqa Hassan

Roaring Beauty” by Tabitha B

A Warm Memory” by Nicole Solera

Haifoss” by Kyle Lambert

Kirkjufell” by Kyle Lambert

Seljalandsfoss” by Kyle Lambert

Fjaðrárgljúfur” by Kyle Lambert

Maybe Hes Born With It Maybe Its A Waterfall” by Steven Tietgen

The Hundred-Mile View Minus the Hundred Miles” by Steven Tietgen

August Must Have Been a Dream” by Steven Tietgen

Wake Review Staff Submissions

Reborn” By Jamie Hagwood

Hummingbird” By Jamie Hagwood

Capuchin Monkey” By Jamie Hagwood

Candyboy Flex” By Eric Fleming


1st Place:
Wolf,” an animated short film by Ariana Shannon. To view the film, click the following link:

2nd Place: Amy” by Sea Tong Veng

3rd Place:Untitled” by Tiana Robinson

Honorable Mentions

Sweet Niece” by Dawn Renae Strickland

The Twins” by Sydney Vaught Popo

Who Dat Boi” by Sydney Vaught Popo

Stems in Roses” by Lydia Wicklow

Volkswagen” by Lydia Wicklow

Jenna” by Breannan Kolb

Vivien Leigh” by Heather Meeker

Paradaiso” by Kimberly Acosta

Anonymous Submissions

Decades Down the Lens” by Anonymous

The Body Odor” by Anonymous

Faculty Submissions
Wake Review Phone Logo” by Carla Osborne

Wake Review Staff Submissions

Untitled” by Jamie Hagwood

Untitled 1” by Ginger Harrington

Untitled 2” by Ginger Harrington

Untitled 3” by Ginger Harrington

1st Place:Mindplay” by Matt Posek

2nd Place:Rosy Cheeks” by Jessica Wadsack-Stewart

Honorable Mentions
The Hollow Figure” by Nicole Solera

White Lies” by Sea Tong Veng

Brothers, Regardless” by Amber Lee

Anonymous Submissions
The Human Clone Commercial Enterprise™” by Anonymous

Faculty Submissions
Croplis’s Error” by George Cox

Wake Review Staff Submissions

The End of Nowhere/The Laughing Handshake” by Eric Fleming

Verifiable Vengeance” by Maegan Reese

1st Place:
Emily Dickinson: ‘Between the light – and me’” by Sergio Osnaya Prieto

2nd Place:A Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Stroke Recovery: Case Study of John Doe” by Alyssa Morgan-Paul

3rd Place: “Natural Imagery as a Reflection of the Creative Process in Coleridge’s ‘Kubla Khan’” by Sergio Osnaya Prieto

Honorable Mentions
Masculine Power and Violence in The Narrow Road to the Deep North” by Yasmine Hossamy

The Lost Art of Marital Commitment” by Samantha Townsend

Wake Review Staff Submissions
“Weight: A Rising Concern for American Society” by Jamie Hagwood

1st Place:
The Trouble in Washington County” by Sarah Panico

2nd Place: Tuesday Morning” by Foster Lingle

3rd Place: Missing the Metro” by Foster Lingle

Honorable Mentions

Stay” by Alexandra Campbell

The Dream” by Dylan Kennedy

The Lie” by Dylan Kennedy

Beings” by Isabelle Visocan

The Boy” by Isabelle Visocan

Monster” by Isabelle Visocan

Masked Affair” by Isabelle Visocan

And There Came Existence” by Isabelle Visocan

Eternal” by Steven Taylor Tietgen

The Spectacles of Society” by Nicole Solera

Mary, Queen of Scots” by Samantha Townsend

Empty Handed” by Paul Makowski

City Swallows a Soul” by Foster Lingle

A Walk” by Raven Thatcher

The Tempest” by Raven Thatcher

Faculty Submissions

Hamlet” by Boris Pasternak, translated by Dean Furbish

A Dim Awareness” by George Cox

To the Friend Whose Wait had Become Tiresome” by George Cox

If it Wasn’t so Cliche” by George Cox

Wake Review staff Submission

“Silentium” by Rich Lesmeister and Dean Furbish

Free” by Berna’ Kennedy

The Diagnosis” by Berna’ Kennedy

Alcoholism” by Jaime Oesterling