Archives – 2019

Visual Arts Creative Writing
Photography Fiction

1st Place: “Sultan’s Palace” by Sara Jamal

2nd: Place: “Band Practice” by Elizabeth Williams

3rd Place: “Petra” by Sara Jamal


Honorable Mentions:

Rooted” by Allie Donnenwirth

Warm Ups” by Allie Donnenwirth

Bridge of the Sea” by Angelica Venegas

Golden Spheres” by Angelica Venegas

Sunset Vanilla by the Sea” by Angelica Venegas

The Shore” by Angelica Venegas

Untitled” by Angelica Venegas

Small World” by Ashley Childress

Black Sand Beach, Iceland” by Benjamin O’Brien

Dettifoss, Iceland” by Benjamin O’Brien

Glacier National Park, Iceland 1” by Benjamin O’Brien

Glacier National Park, Iceland 2” by Benjamin O’Brien

Thingvellir Waterfall” by Benjamin O’Brien

Black Snake” by Clarissa Sanders

Cardinal” by Clarissa Sanders

Dragonfly” by Clarissa Sanders

Morning Dew” by Clarissa Sanders

A Seat in the Rainbow” by Kimberly Lanham

Surfside Sunrise” by Me’lani Santos

Wild” by Melanie Viso Rodriguez

Untitled 1” by Michael Cooper

Untitled 2” by Michael Cooper

Untitled 3” by Michael Cooper

Columns” by Mihaly Lukas

Breather” by Olivia Brown

Softly” by Olivia Brown

Untitled” by Rachel Ditto

A Patient Friend” by Sara Jamal

Hagia Sophia” by Sara Jamal

Istanbul” by Sara Jamal

Benediction” by Yun-Chen Hsieh

Wake Tech Faculty Submissions:

Under the Sea” by Alison Consol, Program Director and Professor of Web Development

Paradise Valley” by Carla Osborne, Advertising and Graphic Design Instructor

Welcome” by Carla Osborne, Advertising and Graphic Design Instructor

A Horse with No Name” by Carla Osborne, Advertising and Graphic Design Instructor

Open for Business” by Carla Osborne, Advertising and Graphic Design Instructor

Paradise Valley, Arizona” by Carla Osborne, Advertising and Graphic Design Instructor

Pippin” by Carla Osborne, Advertising and Graphic Design Instructor

Under the Dome” by Carla Osborne, Advertising and Graphic Design Instructor

Bootsie” by Christy Kinnion, Professor of English

Durham” by Christy Kinnion, Professor of English

Mexico Hobie” by Christy Kinnion, Professor of English

Pitons” by Christy Kinnion, Professor of English


1st Place: “Untitled” by Liliana Toufiles

2nd Place: “March” by Savannah Herrera

3rd Place: “Sight” by Atiya Batts

2019 Cover Image: “Odd Angles” by Sophia Chunn

Honorable Mentions:

Out of this World Package Design” by Allie Donnenwirth

North Carolina Football Club Instagram Story” by Allie Donnenwirth

The Amur Leopard” by Allie Donnenwirth

Early Morning” by Amber Dellinger

Splitting Headache” by Amber Dellinger

When in Rome” by Amber Dellinger

Chaos” by Argentina Alvarez-Molina

Ed Sheeran” by Argentina Alvarez-Molina

First Kiss” by Argentina Alvarez-Molina

Storm Acrylic” by Brian Battersby

Amber” by Georgia Alexander

Eggs in a Towel” by Georgia Alexander

Kitchen Tools” by Georgia Alexander

Messy Desk” by Georgia Alexander

Miel et Avoine” by Georgia Alexander

Jack Black Face made out of Type” by Justin Uhlig

De-stressed” by Kyndall Owens

king of the Beasts” by Kyndall Owen

Stronger than the Substance” by Kyndall Owens

Unashamed” by Kyndall Owens

Hardened” by Olivia Brown

I” by Olivia Brown

Mass” by Olivia Brown

They” by Savannah Herrera

XII-Death” by Savannah Herrera

Celestial Being” by Sophia Chunn

Natgeo” by Sophia Chunn

Schlumpt” by Sophia Chunn

Wave Study 01” by Sophia Chunn

Wake Review Staff Submissions:

4080” by Kareem Hilaire (Link to SoundCloud album)

Dragonarius” by Myles Brown

Goldlink” by Myles Brown

King” by Myles Brown

Leviathan” by Myles Brown

Nightwing” by Myles Brown


1st Place: A Secret Wish” by Dean Allen Jones

2nd Place: “Here Today, Gone to Hell” by Christopher Aiello

3rd Place: Career Student” by Michael Coombs

Wake Tech Faculty Submissions:

Holiday Detour” by Carla Osborne, Advertising and Graphic Design Instructor

Wake Review Staff Submissions:

Castellum” by Marlas Whitley

The Idea of Glamour” by Steven Johnson


1st Place: The Southern ‘Poe-Spective’: Edgar Allan Poe as a Southern Gothic Influence” by Amber Lee

2nd Place: Blood-Stained Ivory Pendants: An Apiculture Initiative to Save the Elephants” by Nicolle Lavertu

3rd Place: How the Dead Turn Up More than You Do” by Henrry Vivar-Gomez

Honorable Mentions:

The Crucial Piece Missing from Today’s Society” by Amy Hefner

Emily Grierson: Beyond Time and Sanity” by Arlena Rodriguez

Madness Personified in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’” by Arlena Rodriguez

What’s that Smell” by Claire Kinstle

Parasites, Poison, and Single Plant Crops: A Study of the Decline of the Honeybee” by Elissa Hays

Immortality Exists” by Emily Southard

The Assortment of Injuries Associated with Mixed Martial Arts Activities” by Griffin Stevens

The African American Point of View As Told By Langston Hughes” by Jamison Valentine

Wait, So Now They’re Complaining About Pockets?” by Katy Peachey

Janie Crawford’s Search for Adventure” by Mercy Hamilton

Wake Review Staff Submissions:

The Rise of Female Protagonists in Film: A Causal Analysis” by Madysen Rufener



1st Place: Red Wine and Cigarettes” by Kristina Ridder

2nd Place: Give me a Poem about the Human Condition” by Brooke Hyatt

3rd Place: Apologetically, Us” by Anonymous

Honorable Mentions:

#256256” by Chris Moon

Hourglass” by Eddie Roney

The Uninvited” by Estefany Palacios

Below Freezing” by Joey Pollock

Humanity Dearest” by Juan Alvarez

This Old House” by Kristian Brown

Colorless” by Kristina Ridder

The Lady of the Night” by Kyle Skaggs

Broken Red Barn” by Michael Walsh

Wake Review Staff Submissions:

A Stooping River Willow,” a Russian poem translated to English by Dean Furbish, Professor of Biology

Rise Up” by Anonymous

Pale Pink Roses” by Marlas Whitley

The Asphalt has Many Pretty Stones” by Marlas Whitley

Faculty Submissions:

Perpetual Tears” by April Colins, Business Services Assistant