Archives – 2014

Audio/Visual Creative Writing
1st Place:  Brandon Josiah Harris “Jerkwater”

2nd Place: Brandon Edwards “Boylan Lows”

3rd Place: Ashley Cook “Portrait”

Honorable Mentions and Staff Submissions:

Alicio Valle “Harris Lake”

Allison Murphy “Untitled”

Amanda Gorman “Ferris Wheel”

Ashleigh Pulley “Bluebug,” “Jellyfish,” and “Purple Flower”

Brittany Marie Henrich “Living Wasteland”

Carey Shook “Untitled” and “Untitled”

Christopher McPhail “Snowy Treeline,” “Sunset Lake,” and “Ice Myrtle Mold”

Darian Hines “Polly,” “Raleigh Church,” and “Seaworld’s Dolphin”

Ebony Isabelle Thomas “Untitled,” “Untitled,” and “Untitled”

Ginger Gregory “9/11 Tribute in Light,” “Bat Parking,” and “Never Forget 9/11”

Johnathan Falkinburg “Untitled”

Johnathan Kyle Mears “Halloween,” “Conjurer,” “Planet Rex,” and “Throwing Clay”

Juan Esandi “Psycho”

Katelyn Nicole King “Asheville Fall” and “Macro Flower”

Kimberly Stokley “Untitled,” “Untitled,” “Untitled,” and “Untitled”

Michael Ford “Untitled,” “Chris Haynes-BS Tail DOF,” and “Untitled”

Muhammad Samara “Untitled”

Nathaniel Riley “Jelly Mosquito”

Sahara Lord “Untitled” and “Untitled”

Sarah E. Leck “Untitled” and “Untitled”

Sean Wojdula “Max Patch,” “Smokey Mtns National Park,” “Barbed Wire Barn,” “Clingmans Dome,” “Donkies,” and “Kayak Sun”

Skyler Davis “Untitled”

Tia Hodges “Untitled” and “Untitled”

1st Place Fiction: Molly Elizabeth Ashline “The Unbinding”

1st Place Non-Fiction: Meghan Austin “Let They that are Without Sparkly Vampires Cast the First Big Mac”

1st Place Poetry: Threa Almontaser Removed

2nd Place Poetry: Marjorie Walsh “Spritely Dance”

3rd Place Poetry: Dallas Brown “Sarah”

Honorable Mentions and Staff Submissions:

Abasi Brown “Reality Inferred: A Subjective View of Objectivity”

Beverly Rittner “Even Mules Get Cancer”

Brittany Perloff – “Dining Room Table”  “Light Flickered in the Darkness”    “Love”

Carey Shook “All That Matters”

Chloe Brown – “A Tribe Called Less”  “Eulogies”

Chloe Davis “Curtain Line”

Cindy Daniels “I Say to you Depressive Age”

Derrick Winston “Still Looking”

Elena Howell “Do You Think of Me?”

Evan Friedman “The Wave of Life”

Faith Daniel “Three Letter Killer”

Heather Williams “Holding On”

JW Visser “Familiar Faces”

Katelin Davis “Ask Yourself”

Kymberly Lamm – “Strength of a Thousand Men”  “You Love Me”

Marcus Stuckey “The Death of an Art Form”

Marietta Coles “Vision”

Marjorie Walsh –  “Unlocked Tower”

Mike Ford “Outerspace Mind”

Patrick Wigington – “Fields”  “Free Verse”  “Pulp Fiction as Modern Mythology”

Paul Tobin –  “A Stranger’s Home”    “Can You Feel the Pressure?”   “On the Whims of Nims”

Richard Allor – “Desperate”  “Requiem”

Shannon Beasley – “Sorrowful Yes” “The Belly of a Whale” “Triggered”

Teresa Black – “The Dolls” “The Mirror” “Wool and Blood and Clay”

William Merkel “Searching”