A Tribe Called Less – Chloe Brown

A Tribe Called Less

By Chloe Brown


Creatures lie here between our lands,

where the lemons are sweet but the forest

is dense.  Fertile rivers populate the spread,

but we settled the arid plains of the west.


Which is why those girls are so thirsty,

stay away from water because you’ll only grow.

Hungry stomachs. Starving, bloated with pain.

See, there’s not enough food here to sustain,

so we spread out, disperse.  In search, we

fend for ourselves; no U-N-I in this tribe.

Only me, myself, and I.


Ones that—

We who are from the fatherless tribe.


The water and I…We could quench this thirst,

clean these wounds, keep this starving belly full.


Where are you going?

Where have you been?


To the edge of the river, but I didn’t jump in.