Can you feel the pressure? – Paul Tobin

Can you feel the pressure?

By Paul Tobin



You have until the bottom of the page to make a difference,

and right now, the focus is on you;

right now you are a poetic prophetic specter on a pedestal watched by an audience comprised of

physicists, artists, politicians, musicians, societies and deities

and you have but minutes to teach them about wars waged, people caged, hate enraged, love scathed,

and how to properly eat an Oreo.

Can you feel the pressure?

The pressure to teach the intricacies of philosophy, religion, science, and poetry

and just exactly how each completes the other;

to teach of some reverse Edgar Allen Poelarity, and how the Milky Way and Hemingway are really one and

the same;

how ancient clays reconstructed would resemble modern plays deconstructed;

why Copernicus was truly a poet simply because he asked if the sky was what it seemed

knowing there would be no answer,

and how to paint the thin edge of reality on a blank canvas?

Can you feel the pressure?

The pressure of the infinite finite photons eons old weighing down on you begging for the

opportunity to illuminate even the starkest of the world for the briefest of moments,

if but for the chance to illuminate?

The pressure of the gracefully graceless neutrinos carrying the wisdom of Bach, Aristotle, Witten,

Ginsberg, and Orion asking, demanding, and dying for your answers;

of every untold witticism of every inspirationist gone and every sage to come grasping

for the one breath it needs to be spoken?

Right now the entire universe is focused on you, transfixed,

and you’re at the bottom of the page; you have room for one last word

and it will hold that universe together.

Can you feel the pressure?

Now exhale, and make it count.