Do You Think of Me? – Elena Howell

Do You Think of Me?

By Elena Howell


Do you think of me?

Do you think of the day I came into this world?

When you held me in your arms for the first time,

did you give thanks to the Lord?

Did you look into my eyes and smile?

Or did you look away with tears in your eyes?

Was it easy or hard to give me away;

was there hope inside for you or did you have regrets arise?


Do you think of me?

Do you ever ask “does she look like me?”

or wonder if I have your eyes?

Have you ever wanted to find me again and see?

Do you sit around wanting to have me back?

Or think about what might have been?

Do you ponder on the day you gave me up

and wonder about if you sinned?


Do you think of me?

Have you ever wondered what I have become?

Do you think about everything I might have done?

Or all the places that I have gone?

Am I like you in any way?

Have I made the same mistakes as you?

Do I act just like you have?

Do I do the things you do?


Do you think of me?

Because I think of you.

I think of how my life would be different if you didn’t give me up.

And everything you and I would do.

Would I be happier or have a better life?

I don’t think I would.

I thank you for giving me life and giving me away,

because, for me, life is good.


But I still think of you all the time.

Do you think of me?