On the Whims of Nims – Paul Tobin

On the Whims of Nims

By Paul Tobin


The trace of beauty in space is built on whims that stem from scientific knowledge and poetic


to inspire a higher reality and the ability to free verse the universe

by allowing the luminosity in both science and philosophy to tighten the bond between the

scientist and the poeticist

and by both compelling and quelling the quest for the conquest of physics and the test of its


by reaching a galaxy inspired ecstasy;

by breaching meteorites of insights and hindsight, cross sights, star lights, and false flights

and by listening to that interstellar compeller who sings of strings of space wrinkles and things

of graced twinkles.

On whims you can write the speed of light to reach the brims of lightyears to sail past the

midnight leers, past the wrong fears and the right tears;

past all the current nows and the present heres,

gracing the vicinity of divinity with some scientists search for supersymmetry,

racing special relativity,

tracing Einstein’s timeline’s exact tic to backtrack across the galactic,

transcending not only history’s mysteries, but mysteries’ histories;

past culprits and starlets, star lit trinkets and scarlet summits;

past the planets and the poets,

and past the ordinary witticisms and typical criticisms on to true poeticisms

and still fly on

past eons and ions, electrons, neurons, and so-on-and-so-ons

and erase the defiance in science and the entropy in poetry

to reveal the true beauty in space

as it’s held in a poet’s embrace.