Still Looking – Derrick Winston

Still Looking….

By Derrick Winston


As I look, stand starring into the mirror, no one looks back; only the plain, selfless, imagery of blank. Look at me through the doors of my soul and don’t cast thoughts at me because of ascetics;

Displaced at a young age, and was made to bite the apple with big teeth, but I was given a gift even though I had to stand on my own two without grief; concern walked by with its hands put away; kinda glad no hands were extended because even if they were my eyes wouldn’t have seen it;

Head hangs my brain bangs not at disappointment but whether on achievement and concentration on the success needed to stand on my own two

Broken and bruised but defiant, fist grasp the rope of prosperity I’m pulling; my hope is locked on the cause but vines wrap and there is a pause;

Pull away I must as trails in view become as dusk; built to fight a warrior yells, feeling faint a subtle light entails, as strength is His mission; His light gives vision; standing to fight I’m encouraged there is an end to my plight.

Pushed out of adversity but forced through the gates of trial, this heat suffocates; as the water in me dries I hear its vapors, don’t know if I’ll make it, seeing the road burn under me and the air I breathe turns to liquid, “No!” my lungs cry and powdered faces leave no tears;

Help should have come but it’s only a thought; why can’t it be an action as glass doors slam in faces dried from the sun and they stand with one hand out and the other hand is playing with the trigger; In a crowd a face smiles, guns drop, peace is held, coins from the dead line their feet, fist grasped as babies are born and tears fall for the loss of their care,

Gathered thoughts leave suspicion but freed minds give conception so pull away from easy and consider the knot you see while ashes fall lightly through thought and fragilely collect on memories;

Worlds turn as I am once again standing, starring, glaring into this mirror, a man looks back in through the doors to my soul, grins are rare but accepted, future speaks into present, and a journey starts….Still looking.