The Dolls – Teresa Black

The Dolls

By Teresa Black


As I slept against the wall

I heard the whispers

of the dolls


Their lips are red

like sweetest sin

their faces made of porcelain


I cannot sleep

my body tight

I hear the whispers every night


They speak to me

They knock on walls

They fill the shadows in the halls


I see it now

the paste-white face

they let me know this is their place


But if I shut my eyes from harm

I’ll feel their fingers

on my arm


And if I hide beneath the blanket

they’ll pull it off

they’ll surely take it


If I run, if I shout

they’ll follow me

they’ll come right out


The leather thump

of tiny feet

I feel the chatter in my teeth


It’s over now

the sun is up

they sit stock-still

they’ve had enough


I fear tonight

against the wall

I fear the whispers of the dolls