A Call to Arms

by James Upchurch

Show me vivid!
Show me bright!
Let’s stop all the niceties, and little things

that trip up our actual actualizing,
For those are the pins in our heels,
The unspent change in our mouths,
Yet to pay homage to those we adore,
We walk around in our ripped jeans and painted skin, and think,
“We are the light!”
“We are the fight!”
But truly truly,
We see the boils,
We see them stare,
You coward!
At least the simple-minded have an excuse,
“Ignorance is bliss” they scream,
But you?
The initiated?
Your introversion seeks more than that,
More than the most liked, most likely,

But still you fear…
“AT ANY COST!” it screams to you,
And you’ll whisper back saying,
“Give me the courage…”