A Dim Awareness

“A Dim Awareness” by George Cox


Floating silently, it lingers,

Always eating, sleeping, kicking;

And with bold uncertain fingers

Listens to a muffled mixing

Of some distant unknown voices.

As it breathes in a second air

Never having to make choices

Never having any one care.

It lives! But only for a while

Always striving, longing, reaching

For the end of its long mile;

Seeing backwards, is it breaching?

As it falls from its life to life,

It cannot feel the silence masked

By its own sorrow, love, and strife—

It doesn’t know and never asked.

Until the final jolt when it,

Always pushing, screaming, bleeding,

At some long uncertain minute,

Bursts forth with a gasping pleading.

While confusion settles thinly—

The afterbirth is flushed away—

No one ponders, even dimly,

How fetal death gives life its way.