“And There Came Existence” by Isabelle Visocan

As the despairing, lonely terrestrial being sat paralyzed with despair, she pondered how to suffocate the silence

Thoughts of spiritual life blossomed within her, as a warming sensation grasped the interior of her bosom

another like me? spun from the threads of the universe?

collisions of dust, matter, dark, and light.

a masterpiece almost too profound and daring to create …

so she waited…

and waited…

till an eternity had passed.

eventually, the time had come to fear and weep no more.

so she stripped the lining of a tree, plucked the fine hairs from the horse’s mane, and bound the two with vine

next, she mashed vibrant berries beneath her toes, and extracted the sweet nectar from flowers

and on the ground, laid powdered dirt, unblemished from stone or ridges

With a vision stretching across the plain of her mind, she began to decorate the earth with hues of hope, compassion, and euphoria

But then, she did not shy from the pressure of darkness leaning against her shoulder, she embraced it with bold strokes of terror, pain, and brutality

for her work could not be finished without balance.

When the last of the color was depleted she assessed the manifestation before her…a sensation of irrepressible relief overcame her, and a single tear laid atop the mixed pigments

And thus, existence was born.