Apologetically, Us

By Anonymous

I can remember the first time
I saw rivers and valleys imprinted in glass
Canyons at dusk and felt my hands clench
At how wrong it all was, how flawed and how broken.
We picked at scars and prayed to paper gods that
Something worth loving would crawl free from us
loathing ourselves for laughs a little too loud
In a chapel built of scraped knees and bottled pills
Bliss is brought to quiet hearts
Resigned to a soft and porcelain web
Pull fire from your chest and kept it softened for another day
There’s no place for it here, not now.

Any bravery I ever held in my hands for myself
Could be spread butter-thin on a slice of toast
We let ourselves be adored only with an asterisk at the end
For fear of the damages that could be done
In observance of holes where the ocean pours through
Balanced on ropes winding thin between all that is taken and asked

At least that’s what we thought
Before we tore ourselves new from old skin
Too many have I seen tear at their wings for
Loving too brightly and too boldly for a world that holds still
For passionate speeches on snails, cars, on dice, on friends
For finding a small quiet place to nurture their dreams
For finding flowers blooming among the wreckage of themselves
In places where others still turn nervously away
And hide behind white picket fences locked up in chains

I know I ask too much and too loudly but I plead
Stop picking holes in yourself, finding new ways to bleed
When every mistake that you’ve made seems to cling inside your chest
Hold your joys close: give yourself time to rest