Below Freezing

By Joey Pollock

Softly, I touchdown in the parking lot
Of your sixty hours a week job.
It’s dark and below freezing.
Your most hated time of the year.
I float down with the elegance of a waterfall,
Surrounding all within earshot of my transportation.
Though you hate me, in all my beauty.
Passing me off as a villain

Destroying your happiness before I even land.
I know its late.
I know you’re tired.
But that is no reason to cry
With your head tilted towards the white covered sidewalk.
I wish we could talk, I listen to you
While you also listen to me.
Well, you always listen to me,
But with the intentions to find my weakness and
Use it to destroy me.
Remember all the good times we had when you were smaller?
You and your brother use to use me to entertain yourselves,
Jumping, freezing, laughing, and rolling.
But now, you have grown
A lot older than your age.
Has life not treated you well while I was gone, old friend?

I know I’ve not always been around,
And it feels like that’s been the usual for you.
Please forgive me, my old friend
I apologize for my absence
And understand why I had to go.
The weather became warmer,
And I had to continue with this cycle we call life.
Please, pick up your head and talk to me.
Dry the steaming tears from you your face.
It’s just you and I around, do not be ashamed to…

I see.
You have grown a family.
I am sorry to hear about your former one,
I see a lot has truly changed while I was away.
So, you do hate me,
No, please continue.
I can carry the criticism almost as well as you carry
The weight of the world and leave it on your shoulders.
I’m selfishly glad that I am not the reason you were crying,
Though I hate to see it happened.
You’re almost home.
You’re journey with me was short lived on this night.
The moon, shining down on you like a spotlight
Showing off who the world should look at right now.
Use my winds to push you slightly forward
As you tuck your head deeper inside your coat.

There she is, home.
Well, home for you that is,
And I know my chilled nature is not welcome there.
The warmth is your friend, always being there for you
To protect you and the ones you love from me.
Soon you will walk through the door
And replace my cold with the warmth of love and support.
Then, when you wake in the morning,
We shall see each other again.