“Echoes”–Molly Jarman


Living (and dying)

is a series of never-ending


Echoes of your mother’s heart,

of your fathers mistakes,

of the people who said

“we love you anyway,”


the ones

that didn’t.

Echoes of the one you are

and the ones you fear.

Of the lines you drew

and the ones you stepped over.

But child;

do not be afraid.

The Echoes will teach you

guide you

love you

and nurture you.

So be cautious to remember;

your heart is not a trauma center

your eyes are not of glass

you are not of stardust

or shame

or burdens

or pearls.

You are thousands

of friendly echoes

reminding you

of who you were

and who you are

but not always

who you will be.

Echoes do not last

but the ears will remember.

Oh God,

your ears will remember.