“Empty Handed” by Paul Makowski

All this divisiveness has me weak

Hearing both sides display their speak

You look at me as unprepared- I look at you as someone who’s scared

Unable to make it a single day- without carrying- it keeps you safe you say

You want to live free? So do I

From a society where the innocent die

At the hands of those who carry a tool

Designed for one reason- but I’m the fool?

For thinking I don’t need iron in my hand

To live safely on the ground I stand

I respect your rights- I’m not trying to revoke

But please consider both opinions that are spoke

I don’t want guns- nor do I need

For you to protect me- but you won’t concede

You think you can react in the moment of danger

To save me from an intent stranger

Maybe you need saving from the thoughts in your head

That every moment of the day you might become dead

My mind is free but I’m not naive

To the dangers that surround us every breath we breathe

So have your guns- all that you desire

They most likely won’t save you when the moment becomes dire

Me- I’ll keep on living the rest of my days

Without fear consuming me in so many ways

If things go down- I won’t reach for my waist

I’ll protect those around me- I’ll respond in haste

No gun is needed- for this I know

If I fail to survive- then it was my time to go