“Free” by Berna’ Kennedy


She danced in the rain because she was no longer scared of the clouds that darkened her day.

She laughed at the leaves falling because she knew that joy was soon to come after the blooms shown her way.

Consumed in herself she sensed the new-found strength in her dance. Her smile brightened the very being that had her bound.

If only she had sensed this feeling before. Her yesterdays were not filled as such so getting used to this feeling was to her profound.

Longing to feel this way to be this free her heart waited days on end to know.

Mornings of anticipation to nights of regret she felt hopeless to it as to letting it go.

But if she had only waited just moments later she would have experienced this feeling anew.

To open her eyes to such sorrow was all that she knew.

She no longer felt up as her world came down, spiraling like a tornado destroying everything in sight.

The once tough act to follow was now throwing in the towel to once and for all end this fight.

She told herself the struggle she once held so tight had now engulfed her very life to the point of no return.

So now so lifeless so the fate that she tried to avoid had become so something so feared but she soon had to learn.