“Heinrich and Elsa”–Athena Adams


Dear Heinrich loves his Elsa
He tells everybody so
He parades her on his arm
As the people watch them go
He has a smile too fake
His eyes always far away
And farther he postpones
The date of the wedding day
Dear Heinrich takes his seat now
To which he looks at his bride
The room feels much smaller now
With everyone at his side
To Elsa he tells her dear
“Oh Elsa, your eyes delight!
So shining and radiant
Like stars that light up the night!”
Elsa, for her part, blushes
Deeply, like a blooming rose
Their love an accepted fact
Everyone around them knows
And yet from the shadows near
Whispers come crawling about
That Heinrich is not in love
And wants to find a way out
Elsa, for her part, sees this
And weeps with no one to hear
About Heinrich’s cold disdain,
His reluctance and his fear
“It is off then,” Heinrich says
As he flees into his room
Sighing with newfound relief
Of the storm that bypassed doom
Everything is over now
All effort, wasted in vain
With both Heinrich and Elsa
Not seeing the others’ pain
Dear Heinrich, dearest Elsa,
In their separate ways they go
This is an accepted fact
That everybody will know