“Honesty”–Derek Williams


To Love and to Live

is a man’s true purpose.

His heart reigns foremost,

but emotion skirts the surface.


Desire to please Her

fuels a fire within.

A ravenous flame

eager to engulf Her skin.


And so required is he

to unchain his heart,

the wet strokes of his tongue

expressing Love as Art.


And while his Love runs

wild through his veins,

his instinct to Live

begs control of the reigns.


But the bounds of Love

tame the wildest of steeds

and his desire to roam

yields to fundamental needs:


A Love that’s constant

to steady his head.

A woman that’s loyal

and worthy to wed.


A relationship that’s real

and cannot be replaced.

A connection so deep

it outlasts Time and Space.


These things and more

ground a man in reality.

And securing his heart

becomes a mere formality.


Love and spontaneity

ignite the romantic incense.

But Faith and Honesty

keep the flames intense.