By Eddie Roney

Floating in the twisted thoughts of my domicile
feeling like a child wonderin’ why all the time
Asking past and future if they’ll allow my mind
To explore the space that seems so distant to me
Don’t even let me wander, drift, or sink in the rift
I’ll reach the point where I have to be on my way
And then I smile…. And then I smile!

The eyes in the glass peer deep in my soul
I do not recognize the face so I turn away
It strikes me that there’s beauty in every twitch
If it’s without the interference of the moments you miss
Always interact with the numerous lifeforms
Don’t forget that there’s a living being in every day
It makes me smile…… It makes me smile!

Crawling from the darkness like the breath of the sea
Return implies departure it’s confusing to me
When the grass is blue it is considered a failure
When the sky is green everyone flocks to admire
The implication of the thought finally settles
I realize that I may just stay here a while
I finally smile…. I finally smile! … Smile….