Humanity Dearest

By Juan Alvarez

Grown from hallowed fields, sapiens arose.

Sowed with imperfections and possibilities imposed.

Who then publicly transposed:

“Desert the beastly for civility.

Efforts not to erase antiquity.

To sign its significance on all periphery.

Plant these words, embrace our future course,

Humanity’s duties in all the universe.”


Such dismay: the mundane and apathetic.

The loiterer or nihilistic,

All which diverge from the etched pact,

Persistent to lead to no impact.

Sighting ill, impoverishment, or starvation,

Remedied solely by conjured salvation.

They, agents of neither virtue nor evil,

Let rise to those most deceitful.


Genocide, Tyranny, and Manipulation,

Demise, Treachery, and Indoctrination

Innate evil or ethical malevolence?

To serve whom: excellence or indulgence?

All which align such morbid imagery,

For it isn’t the monster, the demon, or unknown.

Nay! Humanity: the sociopath, the enigmatic, the living be;

It is they who dare bring catastrophe.


Granting their folly self-destructs,

In turn, assassinate all constructs.      

            Inauguration to faith, wise instructs.

The defender, the altruist, the benevolent,

They who scribe an age of relevance.

            Enlightened by Scholarship,

Bred for Stewardship,

Victors impending true Craftsmanship!

The Trumpet of Success blares on,

Though Wars of Attitudes and Fallacies are spawned,

With Deception and Veracity both pawned.

Inaccuracies arise, trust plundered.

Chaos supervenes, allies asunder.

            A new age begins, confident and distraught,

Of what might bring to these human lot,

            Hope, let there be no more onslaught.