“Masked Affair” by Isabelle Visocan

I knew little of zealous infatuation until I met you in a haze of smoke with your eyes droopy, face tinged with boredom, and a boyish grin plastered upon your face –a look that caused my surroundings to dissipate and inhibitions to evanesce

Your image stayed sprawled out in my mind as a million mini fragments collected from that night we met. I fumbled through the bits, attempting to frantically piece it all together and push aside thoughts of “what if”

After that, I saw you more, but not with me. I saw you touch, but not touch me. I saw you through the fogged glass—but not on my side. All I could do was see.

I tediously tapped the fragile boundary as I observed you perform as a puppet for her. I saw the deceit, I saw the illusion that had been crafted too delicately, and I saw the hairline crack expanding…

Then, I watched the lies spiral down until they became matted and tangled at your feet. I witnessed the glass shiver, then decorate the ground in hazardous shards of luster. And I embraced you in a fury of yearning and deficiency

That began the enthralling liaison that soon brought us to shattered relations, betrayal, and unwavering, cemented trust. A choice was made, and that choice was you.