“Monster” by Isabelle Visocan

We have all heard tales of the monsters that reside beneath our beds and terrify us as they lurk amongst the shadow of our unconscious mind

But where are the stories about the real monsters that are not of fictional nature?

The monsters that destroy the very home that encompasses their needs and utmost desires

The monsters that ravage cities and rip apart the fibers of families

The monsters that degrade other beings for their color of skin, sex, spiritual beliefs, and social status

The monsters that behave barbarically although they claim to be civilized

The monsters that break promises of good will and disregard the concept of ethical living

The monsters that are selfish, cruel, and ignorantly self-righteous

The monsters that disguise their acts of demonization and degradation in the illusion of acting benevolently for the masses

The monsters that claim they are superior as they slaughter other beings and members of their own kind

The monsters that concoct monstrosities beyond their own, menial control

The monsters that generate conflict, that in turn, sows the seeds for war and bloodshed

The monsters that pledge commitment and compassion to those in need, but leave the vulnerable in their wake, writhing with internal agony

The monsters that turn their cheek to the suffering encompassing all existence of hope

The monsters that deny their corruption, but preach their falsehoods of innocence and pure sacrifice

The monsters that surmise they are human but are oblivious to their true nature of wretchedness—for they reject the notion, that they themselves, are the malevolent creatures