“More Than Mass”–Savannah Gerardi

Staff Poetry

I was always told I was

Pretty for a

Fat Girl

The words always echoed in my mind

Creating it more of an insult than anything

A slap in the face


I constantly scroll through Twitter

Searching for my dose of “news”

All I can find are






Women Preaching about how

Healthy they are

But no one ever

Tells them

They are pretty for a

Thin girl


I have always been told that the mass of my body

Determines how healthy I am

But studies have shown there is no



Beauty and health are not only skin deep

I am so much more

More than the mass of my



I am

the voice in my friends head telling her she is beautiful.

Even when she thinks otherwise.

I am

The comfort she needs to make it through the day.

It is hard enough for her to walk through the streets without being cat call about her

thick thighs.

I am

The love that tells her she is worth so much more than the numbers that pop up

on the scale below her feet


I am

So much more

Than pretty for a

Fat girl