Red Wine and Cigarettes

By Kristina Ridder

In another universe we’re in love.
But now we sit in wait for a time that won’t come,
Drinking in the lonely and the sad
As if they are the finest merlot.
Loneliness takes us to a place love refuses.
Bottlenecks lifting towards puckered mouths
And rosy scorched cheeks.
Alabaster smiles pressed against humming necks.
Our sleep disturbed by quaking breath
Of Cupid’s tiny brothers preparing their archers’ aim.
We dare believe we are more than wolves,
Laughing like we are the world’s sunlight
While our nocturnal brains gnaw at bones
And cartilage found in our petrified,
Comatose hearts, struck by
The Medusa of our past lovers.
Guilt sends torrential downpours
Of sleepless nights and smoke washed lungs,
Leaving the smell of petrichor
And the milky red glow of storm lights
Swinging on the ship mast of its lone survivor.