“Stay” by Alexandra Campbell

Please listen, I’m begging you,

Something more is there.

Something more than darkness,

A reason left to care.

I’ve also met the darkness, corrupter of all thoughts,

I know it enjoys twisting you into frostbitten knots.

I understand, the darkness takes a gruesome toll,

I recognize its work, the frozen fractures in your soul.

I’m terrified you’re convinced there’s nothing more than cold.

I’m telling you, there’s more,

There is warmth waiting here.

If you’ll just come back,

It will become clear,

The vibrant light of hope patiently waits near.

I know the darkness has reached its hand, shadowed and decayed,

In gesture, declaring unending darkness as the only way.

I remember the offer, the false promise it conveys,

The temptation to let go, and fall away.

I’m begging you, don’t do it.