“The Boy” by Isabelle Visocan

The boy who cried wolf was such a fool

his little mind games were no match for a treacherous duel

He toyed with the strings of the people that cared

but no one was left when the boy was truly scared

After lies had been spun into a marvelous tangle of deceit

The boy had reached his demise with the wolf he did meet

the creature bared his fangs as they gleamed in the night

and concurred such a colossal and immortal fright

The boy begged for mercy and a chance to live

but the wolf had no more sympathy to give

As the jaws began to pierce the skin

the boy cried out just once again

Oh, to no avail did help come his way

and on the ground his dead body did lay

The people remember this tragedy with tears

because lying can transform your deepest of fears.