“The Diary of Mental Illness: Bipolar Disorder”–Sally Bitar

Honorable Mention, Poetry


Who am I?
In February, I’ll buy you lunch.
In July, I won’t spend a dime.
In October, I’ll take you shopping.

Who am I?
In January, I will love you.
In May, I’ll block your number.
In November, I’ll fall in love with someone else.

Who am I?
In March, I’ll take all my meds.
In June, I won’t take any, at all.
In December, I’ll fight you about it.

Who am I?
I’m running out of months to make you understand.
It does not work in that order, no –
But months, numbers and years are how we comprehend.

Twenty-fifteen could be the year
I might gain twenty pounds or lose some, in fear.
Paranoia, anxiety – constant battle of making peace.

Who am I?
Please, understand, that the answer to that question
Relies heavily on an ever-changing context,

But that it’s who I am.