“The Happily Ever After”–Carey Shook

Staff Poetry

Once upon a time,

A little girl dreamed and dreamed of falling in love and finding her Happily Ever After.

She planned her wedding at the age of six,

Even had her friends and teddy bears act them out.

Her father blamed those damned Disney movies for corrupting his little girl,

But he knew, deep down, it was because of how much he loved her mother.


When the little girl became a teenager, her perfect parents split up.

Everyone thought it’d ruin her idea of love at first sight,

Of falling in love in general.

But it didn’t. If anything, it made her even more determined to find the

Man she deemed worthy enough to love.


And finally, she did find that man, the one she had been dreaming of all those years.

They did all the right things:

First dates, the “I love you’s”, and moving in with each other.

And eventually, that man proposed.

And eventually, that man cheated.


The two broke up and the girl didn’t get her dream wedding.

The girl was broken and hurt and didn’t trust anyone ever again.

She took time off work, from life, so that she could work on herself.


As time went on, she put herself back together.

And soon enough, she did get her Happily Ever After;

She just fell in love with herself instead.