“The Will of a Woman”–Derek Williams


Mother Earth awakens

at the crack of dawn,

Father Time unfazed

by her murmurous yawn.


As She readies the day,

her atmosphere aglow,

a young Sun emerges—

the Age of Woman in tow:


Penning the script

of high class reprise,

Edith Wharton receives

the Pulitzer prize.


Painting the skies

in one swift motion,

Amelia Earhart soars

across the Atlantic Ocean.


Claiming a seat

for personal content,

Rosa Parks ignites

a historic movement.


Launching herself

into the depths of space,

Mae Jemison explores

another realm with grace.


And after all these feats

Mother Earth just smiles.

Father Time ticks on,

keeping tally all the while.


A small step for Woman

is not a leap for mankind,

but an act of valor

to prove parity of the mind.


For as the world turns,

tilted to one side,

exists an imbalance

that riles Her pride.


She works twice as hard

for half the respect.

She pays her dues

but struggles to collect.


And still through it all

She fashions a way

to leave Her stamp

on each passing day.


The Will of Woman,

entrenched worldwide.

The Will of Woman,

no longer to be denied.